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    Any general news or comments you may have are very welcome. The author will also  keep this page updated with any developments on someone finding the treasure and other news that may be of interest. Please use our CONTACT US page to submit your comments (your email address will not be published).

    Mysterious Writings – Six Questions

    Posted on Nov 11, 2015

    Jenny Kile has now published her six questions to me and my answers. They are on her site www.mysteriouswritings.com  and on Facebook. Due to the original idea for The Bossall Treasure stemming from the study of my family history, the questions and answers are wider in range than just the book.

    They touch on my adventures into family history of both my Pearson family and on my mothers side the Maddick family.

    Humphrey Belt

    Posted on Oct 29, 2015

    The Bossall Treasure features the Belt family in England and Humphrey Belt who originated in England and emigrated to America in 1635. A large family of Belts grew from him settling in America and my book has generated considerable interest from genealogists  in America as well as Australia and New Zealand.

    If you are researching the Belt family you will also find something of interest in my book as well as maybe finding the hidden treasure.